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Prestige Transitional Care Group is a community based Medical Practice serving patients throughout the northern Virginia region in their place of residents.  Providing first-class medical attention to patients transitioning to home from their in-patient hospital or rehab stay.  We also can provide long term at-home medical care for patients with Advanced Illness such as:


COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Renal disease, and much more.  


Providing the expertise of a qualified family Nurse Practitioner, Prestige Transitional care group can address the symptoms and conditions of each patient through medical intervention and education for you, your family, and/or caregiver to best serve the patient's needs.  Our program has assisted hundreds of patients successfully stay healthy at home and reduce burdensome and costly hospital stays.  We happily work alongside your current home health or outpatient provider and your primary care doctor.  Our services are billed directly to your insurance provider.  We are a credentialled Multi-Specialty Medical practice certified by Medicare and work with many other insurance providers.  Call us for details.

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Prestige Transitional Care Group - DC/NoVA

8315 Lee Hwy #202, Fairfax, VA 22031, USA

Prestige Transitional Care Group - Virginia

1320 Central Park Drive, #106, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, USA

Direct Referral Line: (703) 568-2937

Office Phone: (703) 352-1939

Fax: (703) 352-2294


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